Powerball 250Hz wrist exerciser / Power ball for grip strength, forearm workouts

The original and the best, 250Hz CLASSIC is precisely balanced using sophisticated computerised technology to allow it spin to 16,000pm+ with zero vibration; at which speed it's kicking out up to 35lbs of inertial resistance and putting your fingers, hands, wrists and arms through a serious workout which will make even the fittest athlete burn.

Improves: golf, tennis, martial arts, climbing, cycling, squash, hockey, bowling, cricket, drumming, guitar, piano or any activity where grip strength, strong wrists and forearms are required

POWERBALL 250HZ CLASSIC exercises the arm and wrist in a fun and exciting way that is entirely different to the methods used in conventional free weight workouts. When spinning POWERBALL, your wrist is taken through the full range of its motion as resistance is uniformly applied; you control exactly how much force it exerts by regulating the spin speed, thereby allowing it be used by a person recovering from a broken wrist just as easily as it can by someone looking to build massive forearm or grip strength or simply to help improve their golf, tennis, martial arts, climbing, guitar play, drums or in fact, any sport or pastime that will benefit from having stronger wrists or grip strength.

And because it's 100% non-impact, POWERBALL is also as much at home rehabilitating RSI or Carpal Tunnel injury as it is helping those golfers and tennis players add yards to their drives and power to their serves or musicians to add strength and dexterity to their digits.

250Hz CLASSIC can be fitted with an optional LCD speed meter to accurate follow and record your high spin scores - this allows POWERBALL to successfully blur the line between exercise and fun; you will always want to beat your last high score and thus will push yourself harder to do so each time you pick it up for a 30 second spin, in so doing, it'll generate even more inertial resistance (gyroscopic force) and make your limbs stronger in the process - it's win/win.

- POWERBALL 250HZ CLASSIC will reach 16,000rpm without vibration.
- Improves golf, tennis, martial arts, climbing, cycling, squash, hockey, bowling, cricket, drumming, guitar, piano
- Medically endorsed solution for RSI, Carpal Tunnel, WRULDs, broken bones
- Computer balanced.
- Fitted with tactile grip band for easy holding.
- An LCD speed meter can be fitted at a later stage if required.
- Supplied with 2 starting cords.
- Instruction CD included.